Must-Have Items for Your New Puppy

Being a new fur-parent can be quite overwhelming. While there are several things you need to prepare for, there are some must-have items you need to keep just before your new best friend arrives at your home.

We’ve gathered the best products and information for your new puppy, from health and safety items to training and grooming tools and essential services.

Use this new puppy checklist to ensure you have everything you need when introducing your pet to its new home. Parents of puppies should gather:

A Leash and Collar

Choosing the right leash and collar for your dog is critical for keeping him safe and secure on daily walks. Because your puppy may pull against the leash during puppy training, find a comfortable puppy collar with some give. 

Crates and Kennels

A dog crate, also known as a dog cage is a portable enclosure used by pet owners to confine their canine companions for short periods. A dog crate is essential for transporting your dog and is an excellent training tool. The most common are collapsible wire dog crates, metal dog crates, plastic crates, and soft-sided crates. There are also single-door, double-door, and triple-door crate models available, as well as furniture-style versions, often resembling an end table to match your home decor. Some crates even have a built-in mat or dog bed to keep your pup comfortable.

Dog Bowls and Feeders

New puppy owners should get a food and water bowl right away, so their new puppy is accustomed to finding their food in the exact location every day. Dog bowls come in various materials and colors, including stainless steel and plastic.

Dog Food

Every pet parent requires a supply of dog food. Consult your veterinarian to determine the best puppy food for your new family member, and give your dog the appropriate portions each day. During the transition, the breeder would often provide or recommend the food brand they have been feeding your puppy. This way you can ease them into their new diet.

Dog Toys

You can experiment with different puppy toys to see which ones your dog prefers. Plush toys with a squeaky mechanism inside will keep them entertained, or if you have a teething dog, try a chewy squeaker toy. Puzzle or enrichment toys with hidden dog treats are also available to help keep your dog’s mind alert and stimulated.

Grooming Supplies

Every dog owner should have puppy shampoo, a hairbrush, and nail clippers on hand for their pet. You’ll also need a puppy toothbrush and toothpaste to clean their teeth.

ID Tags

An identification tag is the best way to ensure that your puppy returns home if they run away. You can get a tag with your phone number and other contact information from your local pet store. Pet owners can also choose to have a microchip implanted in their pet, which provides contact information if their pet is lost.

Dog Treats

These are essential tools in dog training. Experiment with various types of treats to determine your new dog’s favorites. But be sure to also read the packaging on how much treats your puppy can be given within the day.

Water Bowls

You will need sturdy, chew-proof bowls are required to keep your puppy fed and watered. Choose a size that will accommodate your puppy’s growth. You may also want to look into spill-proof bowls that prevent your puppy from making a mess. 

A Cozy Dog Bed

The bed will keep your puppy warm and cozy. Putting a bed inside your new puppy’s crate can help them feel more at ease. Be sure to get the right size for your pup as they grow. This way you don’t need to keep changing their beds.

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