Sizes and Generations: What Do They Mean?

How much does a Standard weigh? How big is a mini full-grown? And what the heck does an F1 Aussiedoodle mean?  If you have entered Aussiedoodle research, you have probably been asking these same questions. Although it is easy to figure out that Aussiedoodle comes in three basic sizes, generations can be more difficult to sort through. We have put together a guide to help you sort through the sizes, mind-boggling letters, and numbers that make up generations of Aussiedoodles.

Choosing between generations depends on the traits you wish to be dominant in them. Depending on their generation, depending on their generation can range from 50% to more than 80% poodle.

Let’s Talk About Sizes

Aussiedoodles are a mixture of the Australian Shepherd and poodle. Unlike a purebred, whose sizes vary ever so slightly between males and females, mixed breeds can produce a wide range of weights and heights.

Aussiedoodle accommodates those looking for very petite dogs to those looking for a huskier companion. A toy Aussiedoodle packs this breed’s grand personality and character traits into a small body frame. If you’re looking for the compact, cute-as-they-come component, the toy is where it’s at. Maybe small is not what you had in mind. Then looking for a standard Aussiedoodle is probably the best avenue. Maybe you have thought about the Toy, but it’s just too small, or the “Standard” seems too big, then the mini Aussiedoodle may be just right! The ability to choose the size that best fits your lifestyle and preference is one of the many benefits of this crossbreed.

Toy: 10-15lbs, 10 inches in height 

Mini: 15-32lbs, 12-18 inches in height 

Standard: 25-70lbs, 10-15 inches in height

Doodle Generations

Another great aspect about crossbreeds is that they are the amplified version of two outstanding breeds. While the Australian Shephard and the poodle are highly intelligent breeds, they are also extremely lovable and easygoing. These qualities double down in an Aussiedoodle.

What makes Australian Shepherds so popular is their hard-working and driven personalities. They are well known for being herding companions. On the other hand, the poodle has a playful, fun, and often goofy personality. Combining the two breeds creates a balanced, even-tempered, well-rounded dog.

Generations are the percentage of Australian Shepherd and Poodle genetics each dog holds. They also determine where most of the personality and characteristic traits of a certain Aussiedoodle will come from.

The F in generations stands for filial. This term simply identifies a dog as crossbred rather than purebred. The number 1 or 2 following denotes a first-generation offspring or second generation. F1 Aussiedoodles hold 50% of the purebred poodle and 50% of the Australian Shephard. Coats are typically wavy but can be curly or straight as well. Although minimal, the likelihood of shedding is greater with an F1 Aussiedoodle than with other generations.

The B in the generation coding stands for backcrossing. Backcrossing is when an F1 is bred back to a purebred parent. For example, an F1b’s parents would be an Aussiedoodle and a poodle. First generations are most popular because they tend to likely eliminate health defects in parents’ lineage or inherit health qualities that improve vigor and longevity. The F1B’s tend to be the most sought after because of their health advantage, curly or wavy coats that tend to be the most hypoallergenic, and the little to no shed guarantee.

F1 Aussiedoodle = Poodle + Australian Shepherd (50% Poodle & 50% Australian Shepherd) 

F1B Aussiedoodle = Poodle + F1 Aussiedoodle (75% Poodle & 25% Australian Shepherd) 

F1BB Aussiedoodle = Poodle + F1B Aussiedoodle (87.5% Poodle & Australian Shepherd) 

F2 Aussiedoodle = F1 Aussiedoodle + F1 Aussiedoodle (50% Poodle & 50% Australian Shepherd) 

F2B Aussiedoodle = F2 Aussiedoodle + Poodle (62.5% Poodle & 37.5% Australian Shepherd) 

F2BB Aussiedoodle= F2B Aussiedoodle + Poodle (81.25% Poodle & 18.75% Australian Shepherd)

Again, the ability to choose specific qualities that meet health requirements, such as allergies, and preferences, such as size, and characteristics, such as curly coats, are just some of the many aspects that make choosing your Aussiedoodle. Understanding sizes and generations will also help your search for the Aussiedoodle that is right for you. But let’s be honest, Aussiedoodles are simply perfect for everyone.

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