The Aussiedoodle versus the Goldendoodle

The Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle originated in the late 90s to early 2000s and have grown consistently in popularity over the last 20 years. Although the Aussiedoodle, or Aussiepoo, history is not well documented, it is thought that the breeding of the Australian Shephard and the Poodle may have been unintentional. But it was an accident that became highly successful! On the other hand, the history of the Goldendoodle is varied. Rumor has it that the Goldendoodle may have been around even longer, dating back to 1969. Monica Dickens, the granddaughter of the infamous Charles Dickens, is thought to have been the first to breed a Golden Retriever and Poodle, creating the first Goldendoodle.

Both doodle breeds hold similarities that will make the “pros” on anyone’s decision list, but what are the differences between these two breeds?

The Differences Between the Breeds

Both breeds have outstanding parent lineage that creates great personalities. With the Poodle ranking in the top 4 most intelligent breeds, it is easy to see why it has been a popular choice as either the sire or the dame for breeding. With the Australian Shephard being loyal and strong, you can count on the Aussiepoo being hardworking, intelligent, easy to train, and very dedicated to their families.

While the Australian Shepherd is known for being herding dogs, the Aussiedoodle may be slightly more energetic yet also more focused than the Goldendoodle. With the Golden Retriever being outgoing and friendly, Goldendoodle owners can expect to enjoy a fun, playful, smart, and easy-to-train companion. Because of both their energy and love for the outdoors, their ideal living quarters would be a home over an apartment, but they are highly adjustable to their environment as well. The ability to give sufficient attention and affection is what takes precedence over anything.

Personality traits are so similar that differences may need to come elsewhere when it comes to deciding upon either breed. In the personality department, both the Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles are win-wins.

Are They AKC Registered?

Neither breed is AKC registerable, crossbreeds hold desirable health benefits. Hip dysplasia, eye conditions, cardiac issues, and skin issues are sometimes health issues common to purebred parents. Intentionally choosing healthy breeder dogs minimizes pups’ chances of inheriting these same health issues. With doodles having long lifespans of 10-15 years, you can count on a healthy, lifetime companion with either breed. 

What Are the Different Sizes and Generations?

Size options and generations are a common denominator for both the Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle. Generations affect coat type, size, shedding, and health. Breeders can predict characteristic traits of pups based on parents.

If you prefer more Poodle genetics than going lower down on the generation scale would be a better option. For instance, F1’s contain 50% poodle and 50% second parent while F1B’s hold 75% poodle and 25% second parent.

Aussiedoodles come in three different sizes: Micro Aussiedoodle weighing 10-20lbs, Minis weighing 15-35lbs, and Standards weighing 40-70lbs.  Goldendoodles also come in three different sizes; micro mini weighing 15-20lbs, mini weighing 25-30lbs, and standards weighing 45-65lbs. The option to select a size that fits your own lifestyle and preferences is a huge asset over other breed types.

How Do Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles Differ?

The appearance of the Aussiedoodle and the Goldendoodle is probably the most differentiating factor between the two breeds but also the hardest deciding factor. Their adorableness is among the many aspects that have made both outrageously popular. A Poodles’ curly coat will shed very little, if at all, and they pass on this highly desirable characteristic trait to either the Aussiedoodle or the Goldendoodle.

If allergies are an issue, both breeds are ideal. However, generations can affect the likelihood of small to no amounts of shedding. It is important to look for specific generations if allergies are a concern. The higher up the generations, the less likely they are to shed. While Aussiedoodle typically has shaggy wavy or curly coats, Goldendoodles can be straight, wavy, or tight curls. Both breeds offer similar color options, including shades of blacks, greys, white, browns, reds, creams, and yellows.

However, the Aussiedoodle comes in slightly wider color patterns and combinations such as black and red or black and tan sable. Rare to find in the Goldendoodle, the blue or red merle coat is characteristic of the Aussiedoodle. They also have glassy blue or brown eyes that set the look of the Aussiedoodle apart from the Goldendoodle.

Other than appearances, the Goldendoodle and the Aussiedoodle differences are very minimal. Both breeds’ prices are similar, ranging from $500.00 to $5000.00. Whatever the final decision, either breed makes for a phenomenal pet. There is no bad decision when adding an Aussiedoodle or Goldendoodle to your life! 

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