Tips on How to Groom Your Aussiedoodle

Dog grooming refers to the sanitary care and cleaning of a dog and the process of improving a dog’s physical appearance for exhibiting or other sorts of competition. Grooming is one of the most stressful aspects of owning an Aussiedoodle.

Knowing how to groom an Aussiedoodle will help you keep their coats looking, smelling, and feeling fabulous. Today’s guide will cover precisely what you’ll need to do and some of the most essential considerations, suggestions, and best practices.


What Equipment Do You Need?

Our top grooming equipment that every owner should have are listed below. Some are useful, while others are grooming hacks to make your job simpler. These tools may appear to be an expensive investment, but they will last for years. They will save you hundreds of dollars every year if used regularly.


Bathing Brush

You’ll need a bath brush if your Aussiedoodle’s fur is long. This brush from Bodhi Dog scrubs your dog’s hair and skin for a thorough cleaning. When combined with a conditioner or hydrating shampoo, it can also aid with dandruff.

Clean Dog Towel

Terry Cloth towels might cause damage to your Doodle’s beautiful curls. The fibers’ high friction causes frizz. It would help if you used a microfibre towel like this to keep your dog’s fur healthy. Microfiber is also highly absorbent, which reduces drying time.

High-Velocity Dryer by Flying Pig

For any dog with a thick coat, a high-velocity dryer is required. Allowing Aussiedoodles to air dry may result in itching and hot areas. This Flying Pig drier is one of the best on the market at a fair price. It will cut your drying time in half and give your Aussiedoodle the appearance of being newly blown out.

Dog Hair Scissors

Buy a good pair of clippers to start grooming your dog at home. They must be strong enough to cut through your Aussiedoodle’s thick fur. You will also want ones that let you simply replace the clipper blades, as these will need to be replaced as they become dull. We’ve included our best three dog clippers below.

Nail Clippers

A pedicure completes any grooming regimen. Trimming your Aussiedoodle’s nails is more straightforward than it appears. There are three types of nail clippers to choose from. There are standard plier styles, a guillotine, and a nail grinder. Using any of these styles may require practice, so only cut the nail tips until you are confident. There are a few clippers labeled “Quick Finder,” but they are unreliable and should not be used.

Lick Mats

We’ve all seen the life hack in which individuals apply peanut butter to their heads while grooming their dogs. This is severely discouraged by us. Because most dogs dislike having their paws touched, putting your face in theirs puts you at risk of being bitten. This is why groomers call it the bite zone. Even if your dog has never been bitten, you never know when they may.

Ear Cleaner

The Vet’s Best Dog Ear Cleaner Kit is one of the best ear cleaners on the market. This package includes an ear wash and a drying solution for dogs who spend a lot of time in the water. The most effective method is to place the drops directly into your dog’s ear. Then, from the outside, touch your dog’s ear at the base. Rubbing will aid in the diffusion of the product into the ear. Then, wipe away the solution and any build-up using a soft rag, tissue, or cotton ball.


What Kind of Shampoo is Ideal?

Choosing a gentle dog shampoo is vital when hunting for amazing dog shampoos. One of our favorite dog washes is Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe. It will clean and soften your Doodle. It’s also quite soft, so you won’t have to worry about your Aussiedoodle’s hair drying out.


How to Bathe Your Aussiedoodle?

Step One: Bathing

Bathing your dog is the first step in grooming them. You should massage a hydrating natural shampoo into your skin. This is where your bath brush can help. Begin at the body and work your way down the dog. The last thing you want to wash is your head and face, but it should be the first thing you rinse.

Step Two: Drying

After your Aussiedoodle has been thoroughly cleaned, it is time to dry them. Using a microfiber towel first can aid in getting your dog as dry as possible before putting him in the dryer. Most dogs dislike utilizing the dryer, and Aussiedoodles can take longer to dry due to their thick hair. Then, use a high-velocity dryer to blow out and speed up the drying process.

Step Three: Brushing

It’s time to utilize your handy brushes to clear your Aussiedoodle from matting. This step has been thoroughly detailed above.

Step Four: Trim And Style

There are numerous approaches to this phase, depending on your desired style. If you find a haircut you like, you may watch experienced groomers walk you through the steps on YouTube. Doodles, unlike most breeds, do not have a set cut; thus, this is where your imagination can run wild. 

Step Five: Clean The Ears And Trim the Nails

Finish up your Aussiedoodle grooming with a fast ear cleaning and nail trim. Using the lick mat during the nail trim might keep your Aussiedoodle entertained while you work.


You’ve just saved yourself a trip to the salon and money. It may take some practice, but you’ll have it down in no time.


How Often Should You Groom Your Aussiedoodle?

The frequency with which you groom your Aussiedoodle will be determined by the type of coat they have and the quality of care you wish to provide. Brushing is essential for all Aussiedoodles. Aside from that, your dog will need its nails trimmed, and its ears, eyes, and teeth cleaned regularly.

Performing grooming at home is the most cost-effective option. However, you will need to make an initial investment in key things and supplies. Clippers, guards, brushes, scissors, and dog-friendly cleaning supplies will be included.

The other alternative is to take your dog to a professional groomer. While it is somewhat more expensive, it will save you time.

When your Aussiedoodle is a puppy, you can introduce them to a professional groomer to help them become acquainted with the process. Just make sure they’ve got all of their puppy immunizations, which should start about four months old. If you choose this option, you should take your dog to a professional dog groomer every 6-8 weeks. Depending on the service and the groomer, you should anticipate paying between $50 and $100.

A groomer may charge by the hour, and there may be additional fees in addition to the initial expenses. In any case, a regular grooming service involves shampooing, brushing, a haircut, ear cleaning, and trimming. As a result, some dog owners elect to give full-service grooming at home. It is simple to perform with some practice, courage, and the supplies mentioned above. Regular brushing at home is required regardless of how you groom your dog.

Aussiedoodle coats, particularly curlier varieties, are prone to matting. Brushing their hair using a specialist dog brush on a daily/weekly basis is highly suggested. Slicker brushes are ideal for the Aussiedoodle breed. Brushing your dog should begin at a young age to ensure that they become accustomed to it. Haircuts and trims can be done less regularly, but you should consider timing them to coincide with weather changes. Curly-haired Aussiedoodles benefit from regular showers at least once per week, while wavy-haired coated Aussiedoodles can be bathed less frequently, like once per month or so.


Can a Lick Mat Help with Calming Your Aussiedoodle During Their Bath?

Without a doubt, yes! Lick mats are ideal for relaxing your Aussie doodle during bath time. Licking mats are also a terrific mental workout tool that pup parents may use in various ways.

Here’s why dogs and their owners enjoy licking mats:


They Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

If your dog becomes distracted when washing, grooming, or doing other tasks, the lick mat is a welcome (and delicious) distraction.

They Keep your Dog Occupied

Boredom is a common source of disruptive behavior in dogs, so keeping them active with the lick mat can help redirect their energy.

They are Engaging

Mental as well as physical exercise is essential. Your dog’s brain will be working overtime to figure out how to clean that mat.

They are an Efficient Method of Feeding your Dog

If you’re feeding dried dog food, putting on a lick pad is a terrific method to slow down your dog’s consumption.

They Can be a Cool Treat on a Hot Day

Simply freeze your lick mat with excellent food to make a dog popsicle.

What Can You Put on a Lick Mat?

Spread something dense over the lick pad to assist other ingredients in sticking, giving a more difficult task. Here are some healthy dog lick pad options.


The Peanut Butter

Choose a natural kind that does not contain xylitol. Its sticky feel is also helpful for adhering other delicacies to your lick mat! Just keep in mind the additional components and caloric density.


Plain Greek yogurt is also fantastic for blending and freezing with other ingredients. Some dogs are sensitive to dairy, so start with a small amount and monitor for digestive difficulties.

Canned Pumpkin Puree

This is a terrific low-calorie choice that is ideal for puppies who have constipation or diarrhea. Limit your pumpkin consumption, though, as too much might induce stomach trouble. The same is true for the majority of squash types.

The Cottage Cheese

Varieties with added fruit mix-ins should be avoided.

Something Sweet

Adding a sweet component to the lick mat is a pleasant surprise.


Your dog can consume a variety of fruits. While some fruits, such as apples and bananas, won’t produce a big mess, it’s advisable to freeze others, such as strawberries and watermelon, ahead of time so they don’t get too messy.


The greatest applesauce is natural, sugar-free, and free of xylitol.


Pre-cooked and sugar-free!


They’re one of the healthiest things you can give your dog, and they usually appreciate the refreshing crunch.


Your dog will have to work hard to get off the mat! Just be careful not to overfeed them because of the high sugar level, and search for a variety with minimal processing.


There are numerous dog-friendly vegetables. Choose one, cut it into slices, and watch your pup devour it!

Mashed Potato

Have any leftovers from last night’s dinner? Place them on the mat! Remember those sweet potatoes have more extra health advantages than white potatoes, and avoid giving dogs mashed potatoes made with sugar or butter.

Ground Meat

The most acceptable options are chicken, salmon, and beef (no seasonings!).

Dog Treats

Stick to low-calorie options, such as training goodies.


Make sure they’re appropriately cooked so they can adhere better to the mat. 


Another fantastic way to use up family leftovers, but keep in mind the other ingredients it was prepared with.


How to Clean Lick Mats?

You’ll want to use the lick mat frequently with so many recipes to explore. That’s probably why we’ve received so many inquiries on how to clean your lick mat quickly and effectively. The simplest way to clean a lick mat is to soak it in warm water with dish soap until the residue loosens, then gently scrub it clean. While you’re about it, ensure your dog’s food and water dishes are clean and sterilized! Don’t worry if you don’t want to hand wash your lick mat. They usually work nicely in the dishwasher in the lowest setting.


What is Dematting?

Dematting is unavoidable when you own a Doodle. You should begin by brushing your dog with a stainless steel comb. These combs feature wide-spaced teeth that untangle hair softly without ripping it. They also assist you in swiftly identifying knots.

After you’ve found all of the knots, use the dematting brush to remove them. This should be handled with care from the tips to the root. The dematting brush will assist in breaking up larger knots that will be brushed out Once the mat is small enough, use a detangling spray to detangle it. This spray will give your hair a little slip, making brushing with a slicker brush a breeze.

Now that the mat has been removed, you should brush it more frequently to prevent it from reappearing. Mats can be too large to brush out safely in some cases. In certain circumstances, shaving is kinder on your dog’s skin.

Mats can be painful since they begin at the root of the hair and work their way down. Furthermore, excessive pulling can cause skin injury. A decent rule of thumb is that any knot larger than a quarter should be cut out rather than brushed.


The Best Aussiedoodle Dematting Tools

Dematting tools of several varieties are available to eliminate mats from your doodle’s hair. Here are the greatest Aussie doodle de-matting tools.


FURminator DeShedding Tool

If you’re tired of mats in your dog’s coat, the FURminator deShedding tool is the correct answer. This product decreases shedding by up to 90%, is simple to use, and aids in the prevention of matting. This tool has a non-slip handle for easy grooming of your labradoodle. Overall, it is the greatest doodle dematting tool.

This product’s ergonomic handle is a benefit because it keeps your wrist from becoming hurt when brushing your dog’s fur. While it is not the most ergonomic de-shedding tool, it is fantastic for the owner’s comfort and is simple to use. It is effective on both long and short coats.

Another advantage of using the FURminator deShedding tool is that it stimulates the creation of natural oils in your pet’s coat, which protects its skin and promotes a healthy coat. It is most suitable for large dogs with long hair. This product is not a miracle cure for your dog, but it will help you reduce the stress associated with shedding.

The FURminator dog deShedding Tool is an absolute must-have for any dog owner. Using it daily will improve the appearance of your dog’s coat and save you a lot of time. It will not only reduce your dog’s hair but will also make your home look cleaner. Its wavy teeth catch loose hair without causing damage to your pet’s coat.

GoPets Dematting Comb

The GoPets Dematting Comb with Double-Sided Professional Grooming Rake is a unique professional dematting tool with varying tooth density on either side. The lower density side functions as a dematting rake, while the higher density side functions as a detangler, undercoat slicker, and de-shedding tool. The two sides are intended for particular purposes, and the pet owner can use either side based on their requirements.

It is a professional dog and cat grooming gadget. It is designed to cut through mats and tangles fast and efficiently, making grooming your pet easier. It is affordably priced, making it a suitable investment for many owners.

The GoPets Dematting Comb with Dual Density Professional Grooming Rake is an excellent dematting tool for your dog. The comb is soft and won’t injure your pet. The double-sided head allows you to use the dematting rake on one side and the detangler on the other for detangling.

The Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush

The Pat, Your Pet Deshedding Brush, is an excellent tool for removing tangles, mats, and knots from your pet’s fur. This brush daily will help your pet’s coat stay healthy and prevent various skin irritations. This solution also keeps parasites at bay in your pet’s fur.

It is designed for thick, matt-prone coats and includes a dual-sided comb with 17 and 9 teeth. The curved teeth assist in eliminating knots and thinning the coat, leaving it smooth and shining on your pet. This tool is also straightforward to use.

The dual-headed shape of the tool has rounded tips for dematting and de-shedding. Its non-slip ergonomic grip makes it simple to clean and is suitable for a wide range of dog breeds. Its ergonomic form is ideal for dematting the fur of your doodle.

The Safari Dog Dematting Comb

The Safari Dog Dematting Comb is an excellent tool for grooming your dog’s coat. It is suited for medium and long-haired dogs and has stainless steel blades that are particularly good at removing matting. Its delicate comb strokes keep your dog’s coat silky and shiny.

This tool removes mats and tangles from matted coats, particularly in long-haired dogs. The comb also has health benefits, making it a superb buy. The comb is composed of high-quality stainless steel and will endure a long time for your pet.

Its serrated blades allow you to brush your dog’s coat without hurting it. The stainless steel blades of the comb are ideal for dematting long and coarse coats. The comb will help improve blood circulation to the skin and protect your dog.

The Advantages of Using a Dematting Tool for Doodles

Any pet owner concerned about the state of their pet’s coat should invest in a dog dematting tool. It aids in the removal of dirt and tangles from your dog’s fur, which can cause the coat to become matted and ugly.

Grooming your dog regularly will also help prevent mat formation, which can be tough to remove with a comb. A dog dematting tool can help you remove these mats, eliminating the need for frequent grooming appointments.

A dog dematting tool is helpful for a variety of reasons. For starters, it expedites and simplifies the process of dematting your dog. You can remove a matting mat in minutes with regular brushing, and your dog will thank you. Second, a dematting tool is both secure and straightforward to use. It is not harmful to your dog’s skin.

A dematting tool is a valuable and time-saving addition to your pet care kit. Numerous de-matting tools are on the market, each designed for a specific breed. The sort of de-matting instrument you select should be determined by the breed and length of your dog’s hair. For example, a comb with large teeth is preferable for pets with coarse hair, but a smaller one is best for dogs with fine silky fur.

A dog dematting tool can assist you in removing mats from your dog’s fur. It is not only practical, but it can also make your dog’s coat look neater. A dog dematting tool can also assist you in avoiding hair tangles caused by over-grooming. Using a dog dematting tool can benefit you and your pet. Consider acquiring one if you’ve already seen the benefits.


What Different Kinds of Haircuts Are There?

Now that you’re ready to begin Aussiedoodle grooming, here are a few examples to get you started.


The Puppy Cut

This is the most common Aussiedoodle cut because it’s simple but produces adorable results. Trim the fur the same length over the body (about a couple of inches or so) for this look, giving your puppy a sense of freshness and innocence. You guessed it, exactly like a dog!

The Teddy Bear Cut

Another popular style is the teddy bear cut, which retains the hair at a moderate length while highlighting the waves and curls of your puppy’s fur. Not to mention the teddy-bear influence. It is rounded finish, particularly around the face, makes them look as squeezable as a plush animal.

The Terrier-Inspired Cut

Some Aussiedoodle owners like to give their puppy terrier-inspired hair. According to some groomers, this appearance entails shaping the face into a more rounded shape with distinct brows and muzzle hair. The rest of the garment is reduced to an even length, and there you have it! You now have an adorable Aussiedoodle inspired by Cairns.

The Poodle Cut

This is precisely what it sounds like; regardless of the Aussie sprinkled, this haircut emphasizes the poodle portion of the equation. Generally, the fur is clipped more specifically on the body and face and left longer and poofier on the top of the head, ankles, and tail. Whatever style you choose for your Aussiedoodle, they’ll look great and you’ll be pleased once you find the perfect look for your family.

The Summer Cut

The Aussiedoodle summer cut is possibly the most misunderstood style on our list. Some take this short Aussiedoodle haircut as a complete shave, while others believe it’s just a touch shorter than a puppy cut. The reality is that an Aussiedoodle summer cut has no single meaning and has to be understood and customized to your liking.

The Mohawk

Give your dog a mohawk to give him a little edge. The mohawk is created by shaving everything but the top of the head. The body can be 1-4 inches long, and the mohawk can be as long as you want. This haircut is simple to execute and does not require much time. Most novices can perform it without difficulty.

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