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The Ultimate Guide to Aussiedoodle

The companionship of an Aussiedoodle is like no other, there’s nothing that says “pure joy” like puppies at play, they will provide endless entertainment as a companion.  With a history of companionship as a loyal friend, Aussiedoodle’s loyalties know no bounds. But these are just one of the reasons why you should get an Aussiedoodle. […]

Why Should You Buy Your Next Puppy from a Responsible Breeder?

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time. While puppies provide us with companionship, love, and unrivaled affection, bringing a puppy home is bound to raise a slew of questions. You may be wondering what you will need to buy your puppy, how to prepare your home, and how the transition process will go […]

The Aussiedoodle versus the Goldendoodle

The Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle originated in the late 90s to early 2000s and have grown consistently in popularity over the last 20 years. Although the Aussiedoodle, or Aussiepoo, history is not well documented, it is thought that the breeding of the Australian Shephard and the Poodle may have been unintentional. But it was an accident […]


Mini Aussiedoodles

Mini Aussiedoodle is a hybrid of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature Poodle breeds. And there's a good reason why the Mini Aussiedoodle is so beloved. Both parents breeds are considered affectionate, loyal, and extremely intelligent—so much so that they are often called the “Einsteins” of dogs.

Mini Bordoodles

Bordoodle dogs are a hybrid designer cross between the intelligent Border Collie and a Poodle. Their coats are long and wavy, and they can be high shedders that need plenty of grooming or clipping.

Toy Aussiedoodles

The Toy Aussiedoodle is the smallest size of the breed. They are made by breeding a Toy Poodle with a Miniature Australian Shepherd or through multigenerational breeding of Mini Aussiedoodles on the smaller size. This is when smaller sized Mini Aussiedoodles are bred together to create smaller and smaller puppies until they get the ‘toy’ size.


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Blue & Bentley's Litter

F1 Mini Aussiedoodles

Birthday: 05/01/2022

Adult Weight: 20-30lbs

Mia & Maui's Litter

F1 Mini Bordoodles

Birthday: 05/23/2022

Adult Weight: 20-30lbs

Milly & Troy's Litter

Toy Aussiedoodles

Birthday: 05/29/2022

Adult Weight: 10-15lbs

Mocha & Troy's Litter

F1 Mini Aussiedoodles

Birthday: 05/25/2022

Adult Weight: 15-25lbs

Penny & Maui's Litter

F1 Mini Aussiedoodles

Birthday: 03/25/2022

Adult Weight: 20-30lbs

Piper & Bentley's Litter

F1 Mini Aussiedoodles

Birthday: 05/10/2022

Adult Weight: 15-25lbs

Tilly & Troy's Litter

Toy Aussiedoodles

Birthday: 06/05/2022

Adult Weight: 10-15lbs