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Galaxy is a stunning example of a Chocolate Merle Poodle, with a coat that seems to have been painted by an artist's brush. His fur is a luxurious blend of chocolate brown and creamy tan, swirled together in a mesmerizing pattern that catches the light in different ways as he moves. The merle pattern creates an almost marble-like effect, with patches of darker and lighter shades mingling harmoniously. Galaxy is not just a pretty face – he's a bundle of playful energy and intelligence. He approaches life with an enthusiasm that is contagious, always ready for a game of fetch or a romp in the park. His love for people is evident in the way he wags his tail so enthusiastically that his entire body seems to wiggle with joy.

Name: Galaxy
Breed: Poodle
Born: 04/13/2022
OFA Testing:
Disease Testing: 

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