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F1B Mini Goldendoodle

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Breed: F1B Mini Goldendoodle
Born: 05/12/2024

Gender: Male
Estimated Adult Weight: 25 - 35 Lbs
Ready to join your family: July 7, 2024
Description: Every step Zion takes is filled with the excitement of discovery, as he explores the world around him with unbridled enthusiasm. From chasing after butterflies in the garden to investigating the mysteries of a fallen leaf, every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold for this spirited pup. Despite his small size, Zion possesses a heart as big as the sky, overflowing with love and affection for everyone he meets. His playful antics and endearing puppy kisses never fail to bring a smile to the faces of those lucky enough to be in his presence.
Parents: Lindsey & Gabe

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